Rainbow Cake!

Do you pride yourself on your patience in performing tedious tasks?  I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’ve got nothing on the saint of a woman who labored over this adorable but labor-intensive birthday cake for her husband!  Good grief, people!  By my count, Ellen of Washington, D.C., had to suffer through the baking of eight (count ‘em!  eight!) colorful cake layers in order to come up with what can only be termed as an absolute sugar-high masterpiece!  Sheesh!  Talk about patience being a virtue. This woman causes me to hang my head in shame; the most cake layers I have ever attempted are four very flat, very slouchy, very slanty layers which were threatening to slide right off of my cake plate and right onto my extremely unsanitary floor.  Pitiful.  So, a big huzzah to Ellen!

Ellen writes:  ”I adore Pinterest and have loved trying so many things.  Probably the ultimate favorite is the rainbow cake.  It was PERFECT the first time I ever tried it.  It was a huge success!”

A huge success indeed!  Check out the original Pinterest pin of the rainbow cake which, as you will see, Ellen re-created with jawdropping exactness.  Kinda makes you want to hate her, doesn’t it.  But, let’s not.  It’s probably bad karma to hate a saint.  And, let’s not fool ourselves; she. is. a. saint.  Eight layers!  Jeepers.



Take a gander at St. Ellen’s husband (ha!  didja catch her new name?) with his spectacular rainbow birthday cake (what a lucky dude he is)!  Mr. St. Ellen looks pretty dog-gone satisfied with his lot in life, doesn’t he.  And, why wouldn’t he?  1) It’s his birthday, 2) he has a big hunk of awesome rainbow cake, and 3) his wife is a saint.  Just try to top that, people.



Okay.  St. Ellen is also pretty artsy in the photography department.  Check out her photo of her cake above.  See that computer in the background?  See the picture which is on that computer in the background?  It is that very Pinterest pin which inspired Ellen to make this cake!  Cuurrrazzzzy tricky, huh!  It’s a picture in a picture in a picture in a . . . gaaahhhh!  I think my brain is gonna explode!  Look out, guys!



And, here is the original Pinterest pic from Ellen’s pin which she shows on her computer in the background of the previous pic. Holy cow, guys!  This is getting entirely too complicated for me and my feeble brain.  For some reason I have Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” running through my head now . . . .

3 Responses to Rainbow Cake!

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  2. Ellen James says:

    OK… I really didn’t realize I had more posts on your adorable blog! You are so cute and I am far from a saint, but thanks for all the sweet compliments. You know how to make a girl feel good about herself!

    And, I think your new blog is one of the coolest ideas ever! I think I will just start looking here at the “Props” instead of wasting my time on Pinterest!

  3. Cori says:

    This cake looks delicious! I don’t think I’d have the patience to try it myself, but Ellen did a great job!

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